[SEQUEL SEPTEMBER] Nolahn Rides A Train While "Under Siege 2: Dark Territory"

The first of today's contributions for SEQUEL SEPTEMBER is by Nolahn of the Bargain Bin Review. I've known Nolahn since the MySpace days, and ever since he's been one of my biggest supporters and nicest friends. Nolahn loves really bad B-movies - so much in fact that he's created a website for them and reviews one every Wednesday. He does it with a sense of wit and humor, always making you want to see the film because it's good - or see it because it's terrible. Hell, I wanted to see THE NEVERENDING STORY III because of him, but I'm not sure if I can handle that much torture at the moment.

I have contributed to his site a couple of times, and he always links back to my blog if he has reviewed a film I've already done. He even made Full Moon Reviews the Link of the Week on BBR, which I'll always appreciate. Nolahn also hosts The Lair of the Unwanted podcast with Invasion of the B-Movies blogger, Jason Soto. I'll be a guest in late October, as we three will discuss MONSTER BRAWL - a horror themed wrestling movie. That should be fun. Nolahn is a great guy and you all should check out the Bargain Bin Review.

Nolahn has written about several sequels, which he gave me an option to choose from. Since I haven't spotlighted enough action sequels this month, I decided to go with 1995's UNDER SIEGE 2: DARK TERRITORY starring Steven Seagal and a young Katherine Heigl. How could I pass up sharing thoughts on that film? Nolahn pretty much loves this one, and I remember digging it as well [although it has been years since I've watched it]. Check out Nolahn's thoughts on UNDER SIEGE 2: DARK TERRITORY. And thanks, Nolahn, for helping out! Talk to you in October!

They say that, when you boil it all down, movie plots only tell one of six stories.  So you have to understand the wholesale excitement in Hollywood when a brand new seventh plot was discovered in the modern day classic, Die Hard.  Those of you alive during those heady days may recall a rash of films that were described as "Die Hard on a plane" or "Die Hard in an IHOP."

No one was immune to the lure of this seventh plot. And thus,
Die Hard on a Boat with Steven Seagal, or Under Siege, was born.  The success of that film led to Die Hard on a Train with Steven Seagal, or Under Siege 2: Dark Territory.  Was that film any good?  Let's find out...


[Check Out Nolahn's Thoughts On UNDER SIEGE 2: DARK TERRITORY At The Bargain Bin Review]

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  1. Great review! and, fun flick! Lots of violence and one of the last good movies Heigel was in. I was much younger when I saw this in movies and the biggest crush on her. Nowadays, I cant stand her! :P


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