[SEQUEL SEPTEMBER] Maynard Morrissey Lists Horror's Unfinished & Incomplete Sequels

Today's contribution for SEQUEL SEPTEMBER is by Maynard Morrissey of Horror Movie Diary. He's probably one of my most supportive and nicest blogging buddies, even including Full Moon Reviews as one of his Horror Blogs of the Month sometime last year. He's a reviewing machine and while his reviews are shorter than mine, he always gets his points across and makes you want to see the films he's very positive on. In fact, I learned about a few films through his blog as the guy will watch anything and everything. Follow his blog because he has some great insights and opinions on everything horror.

Maynard decided to share his list of horror sequels that were announced, but for some reason weren't made at all, or filmed somewhat but never completed. I had no idea there were so many incomplete sequels out there in the genre. Some of them are very interesting and I would love to see made. Others, to be honest, frighten me in that the idea for it even exists. Definitely a list you should check out and see "what if" and "what could be" if some insane producer decides to put some financial backing into the project. Thanks Horror Movie Diary for helping me out!

Originally, I wanted to do Top 10 lists of my favorite and least favorite sequels, but then for no apparent reason, I thought I'd do something completely different, something I wanted to do for a long time: an overview about unfinished and unmade, unreleased and unrealized horror sequels. Sequels that were announced but never made, sequels that are stuck in development hell, sequels that will probably never happen although horror fans crave for them.

For me, it was a very tough write-up, mainly because my English is still kinda limited, but in the end I think the whole thing turned out to be quite decent.

Enjoy reading! :)



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