[SEQUEL SEPTEMBER] Assly The Puppet Video Reviews "Hatchet II" (2009)

Today's outside contribution for SEQUEL SEPTEMBER is by Kristian Hanson of Assly and the Craptastic Puppet's Internet TV Channel. Kristian also contributes to Horror Spot, which is run by his good friend John Sovie II. Together, they are producing some creative reviews that more people need to see.

I met Kristian through Twitter and he's one of the most talented and creative people I've met online. He's a West Coast writer and self published author who has written a couple of novels. He serves in the United States Air Force [*salutes*]. He's also pretty damn funny and doesn't take much seriously, always putting a positive spin on things.

Kristian also has a love for puppets, creating alter-egos through them and creating a world that's meant to entertain and make people laugh. Assly is his main puppet - a sarcastic witty bastard who loves to bash Kristian [known as "The Douche"] every chance he gets. There's also a skeleton named Boner, Assly's ex-girlfriend [and ex-cocaine stripper Mormon] Mormina, Mormina's current boyfriend and former horror new host Mike, and my personal favorite - Jameson, the gay shark who starred in the original 1975 JAWS. Kristian voices them all and has given each puppet a distinct personality you'll either love or won't.

Kristian is a creative guy I respect because he's currently chasing his dream as a filmmaker, working on his latest horror-comedy, SLEDGE. I'm rooting for him and supporting him all the way. I look forward to his future projects and more reviews with his Craptastic puppets.

Kristian, for this month's theme, has allowed me to share his review for 2010's horror sequel, HATCHET II.

A love-it-or-hate-it film, Kristian and Assly share their thoughts on this debatable sequel. So if you hated HATCHET II, this post may not be for you. Thanks Kristian, Assly, and the rest of the Craptastic Puppets!

Follow Kristian on Twitter @CraptasticWritr.

Here is my review for HATCHET II.

SLEDGE: A True American Horror Story from John Sovie II on Vimeo.

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