The Craft (1996) [Video Review]

Andrew Fleming

Robin Tunney - Sarah Bailey
Fairuza Balk - Nancy Downs

Neve Campbell - Bonnie

Rachel True - Rochelle

Christine Taylor - Laura Lizzie

Skeet Ulrich - Chris Hooker

Assumpta Surna - Lirio

Genre - Horror/Witchcraft/Teen/Drama

Running Time - 101 Minutes

I return with one of my favorite 90s horror films, THE CRAFT. It's not the greatest movie ever made, but it's an entertaining one with a great cast. So let me put a spell on you while you watch my latest video review.


  1. Great review and welcome back!

    Growing up, The Craft was one of my favorite films. Fairuza Balk scared the crap out of me. I really thought she was nuts. I think the film could have been a lot better than it was, but it is definitely fun to watch. To me it is the ultimate film about witchcraft, other than Teen Witch.

  2. Awesome review, man. I haven't seen 100% of this movie yet, so I can't judge, but it looks halfway decent. I agree with you. They definitely could have made this movie more shocking/violent etc.

    ~Kerrin from Filling the Void Reviews

  3. I like your style with these vidcasts, Fred. Very well done. The scene towards the end with the tarantula armada gives me the heebie-jeebies every time. And I admit to crushing on Tunney when this first came out. Nowadays, not so much.

  4. @ Morgan - Thanks Morgan. It's definitely a good film dealing with the subject of witchcraft. As for Balk, she didn't creep me out. She turned me on though. Nutty chicks are hot. Dangerous, but hot.

    @ Kerrin - It's a decent film. You should give it a shot at least once. It's a teen film, so I understand why it's not as shocking. But it would have helped.

    @ Geof - Thanks. Yeah, Tunney isn't as hot as she used to be. But Balk was always my favorite. Her nuttiness appealed to me.

  5. Who can blame you for taking a break after the Res Evil films lol.. This is a guilty pleasure for me, I always loved the cast and thought it was a fun little revenge flick.


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