The B-Movie Bungalow Presents: Trip With The Teacher (1975) [Video Review]

Also known as: DEADLY FIELD TRIP.

Earl Barton

Barbara Fogarty - Miss Tenny
Zalman King - Al
Dina Ousley - Bobbie

Robert Gribbin - Jay

Robert Porter - Pete

Cathy Worthington - Julie

Susan Russell - Pam

Jill Voight - Tina

Genre - B-Movie/Cult/Exploitation/Rape/Revenge

Running Time - 89 Minutes

TRIP WITH THE TEACHER is a LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT ripoff that's actually worth a watch if you have 90 minutes to spare. Zalman King owns this movie. Watch the third part of my video reviews for the Drive-In Cult Classics collection!


  1. I like this movie, own it myself...

  2. Sounds like my kind of movie. I actually own as part of a cheap-o box set, guess I need to dig it out and finally watch it. Nice review, Wolf.

  3. @Abe - Yeah, I dug it too. It's not great by any means, but definitely more than passable.

    @Rev - This is DEFINITELY your kind of movie. I would love to see you give this one the Midnight Confessions treatment.

  4. Sigh, my sound card is still out since I'm broke, grrrrr...so I couldn't watch your review. But this looks like an interesting flick
    Dreaded Dreams
    Petunia Scareum

  5. This movie was okay; and it was probably the only movie I liked from that Drive-In pack. I thought the dialogue between the girls could have been way way better.

    A better biker movie I recommend to you is "Satan's Sadists." A lot more violent, and has a way better story and dialogue. Definitely more fast-paced too.

    Good review, man.

    ~Filling the Void Reviews

  6. @Pete - Sucks about your sound card. But yeah, it's worth a watch if you're into that sort of exploitation/rape-revenge thing.

    @FtVR - I'll definitely check out Satan's Sadists. And I agree about the dialogue. These girls didn't do or say much of anything. They should have been more active than passive. Thanks.

  7. Love the review-this film really represents the kind of stuff we all loved at the drive-in in the 70s. Not polished, but a very competent thriller. Trip With The Teacher should be remade by Tarentino or (can't remember his name)the guy who directed Bad Lieutentant/Ms. 45. It is something that this movie is still remembered after almost 40 years.


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