The Midnight Confessions Movie Show #11: "Aenigma (1987)"

Join Rev. Phantom, Moronic Mark and I as we talk over Lucio Fulci’s AENIGMA. This movie has it all: A birdlady in a coma, Gerard Depardieu in drag, a female soul-patch, oily sex, Ronnie James Dio as a cleaning lady, Boston college students without a hint of accent to be found, Tom Cruise, Snoopy, Yoda and snails….SNAILS….SsSNnNnAaAIiILlLSsSsS!!!

What IMDb says it's about: The spirit of a comatose teenage girl possesses the body of a newcomer to her girls boarding school to enact bloody revenge against the elitist, lingerie-clad coeds responsible for her condition. (blah, blah, blah did we mention lingerie-clad coeds?)

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