Video Review: House at the End of the Street (2012)

Mark Tonderai

Jennifer Lawrence - Elissa Cassidy
Max Thieriot - Ryan Jacobson
Elisabeth Shue - Sarah Cassidy
Gil Bellows - Officer Weaver
Eva Link - Carrie Ane
Nolan Gerald Funk - Tyler Reynolds
Allie MacDonald - Jillian

Genre - Horror/Thriller/Psychological

Running Time - 101 Minutes

A stomach flu won't stop me from reviewing this "psychological thriller" from last year starring Jennifer Lawrence and Max Thieriot. In fact, it's possible this film gave me this stomach flu to begin with...


  1. Great review man. I sort of want to see this, if only for the cast. I love Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Shue, but like all the reviews I've read, yours' pretty much says it sucks. lol! I'm sure it does. So, I'll wait till I can see it for free. :P

    1. It's a good cast for sure. They were just straddled with a terrible and generic script. Definitely wait for free.

  2. Very nice video review, Freddie. And I'm glad you steered me away from this movie. I agree: it looked half way decent from the trailers. Still, it seems like it's cobbled together from spare parts. Oh well.

    Keep up the great work. Congrats on 100 subscribers.

    1. Thank you very much. And yeah, the trailers make it look decent. This could have been a good film if the script explored the actual story and twists in a more creative way.

  3. I loved Mark Tonderai's previous chiller HUSH and was quite excited for HATES - until all the negative reviews kicked in :)
    It comes to Austria this Friday, together with Django. I guess I'm stupid enough to watch them both as a double feature :D


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