Neighbor (2009) [Video Review]

Robert A. Masciantonio

America Olivo - The Girl
Christian Campbell - Don Carpenter

Lauren Rooney - Elizabeth Hitchcock

Pete Postiglione - Mike Hodder

Joe Aniska - Sam Landis

Genre - Horror/Torture Porn/Indie

Running Time - 90 Minutes

A torture porn film with a hot chick doing the torturing and mutilating a penis. I don't think she should be in charge of the Neighborhood Watch meetings anymore...

Watch the video for my thoughts on NEIGHBOR.


  1. Looks like you standard torture porn film, with a similar premise as Hard Candy, only with an adult woman who hates men, but at least the main character in hard candy HAD a reason. This looks like just another excuse for violence and gore, which on itself, isn't a good thing.

    Reviews in the dark with your reviewer Freddy Young! Id been thinking of doing video reviews for a while, I might give it a go at some point!

  2. "The Most Shocking Episode in the History of Human Survival" how William Castle of them to say so, lol. Sigh, another cruddy torture porn flick, at least you could stare at America Olivo while watching this, though I'm sure you would see more of her, um, talents in Bitch Slap.
    All I can say about this film is...when it comes to watching it, better you than me, lol.
    Dreaded Dreams
    Petunia Scareum

  3. Well the score I gave the film is probably generous. It was originally gonna be a 2/4 but since its purpose was to be gory and it entertained me during viewing, I gave it a .5 higher. But it's probably really a 2. And yeah, it's your standard torture porn flick with an engaging lead actress. Pretty low budget as well, but the filmmakers did a nice job with it. My main issue was the lack of story and info. There's really none in this film, which sucks because it would have been a good film with something to connect to.

    And Franco, I say why not do a video review. If you don't like it, you can just stop. But sometimes it's easier than writing for an hour when you can just get it all out in 10 to 20 minutes.


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