Santo and the Blue Demon Against the Monsters (1970)

Directed By: Gilberto Martinez Solares

Starring: Santo, Blue Demon, Jorge Rado, Carlos Ancira, Hedi Blue, Carlos Suarez

Genre: Horror/Fantasy/Adventure/Action/Science Fiction/B-Movie

Running Time: 85 Minutes

SCORE - 3 Howls Outta 4 (8 out of 10)

Plot: Bruno Halder, a sinister scientist seeking revenge against his brother and niece, is resurrected by Waldo, his faithful sidekick. Besides his minions of zombies, Halder enlists the help of Wolfman, Franquestain, a Vampire, a Mummy and a Cyclops. Once again the survival of mankind is put in the hands of Santo and Blue Demon.


Some films defy a critical review because they’re not made for that intent. 1970’s SANTO AND BLUE DEMON AGAINST THE MONSTERS is one of those films, as the movie is meant to be a silly and fun B-movie and nothing more. Part of the many entries within both El Santo and Blue Demon film series, the film is basically wrestlers battling Mexican versions of classic monsters in various locations - including a memorable sequence where El Santo wrestles a zombie-vampire luchador in the squared circle. Not much of a plot to dissect, the direction is pretty shaky in terms of editing and pacing and all the actors are hamming it up to the fullest. But it’s charmingly goofy and everyone involved seems to be having fun, especially the actor playing the Vampiro who is having a blast gliding towards scared people and biting on women’s necks. Plus, any movie with a silly looking Cyclops creature, an out-of-place dance number, and Luchador clones gets a pass from me. Weird but extremely amusing from beginning to end. Sometimes that’s all you want from a movie.

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