The B-Movie Bungalow Presents: Best Friends (1975)

Noel Nosseck

Richard Hatch - Jesse
Doug Chapin - Pat

Susanne Benton - Kathy

Ann Noland - Jo Ella

Genre - Drama/Thriller

Running Time - 83 Minutes

What do Saved By The Bell, Queen, George Michael, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and the Boy Scouts have in common? They're all seen, heard, or mentioned in my latest video review for BEST FRIENDS, a film where one guy takes his affections for his best friend to the deadliest of places. So put on those friendship bracelets and check out the 4th installment of the Drive-In Cult Collection series!


  1. They're sexing it up, and it's all good!
    You know, nothing says foreplay to a girl more than having her man throw leaves at her and chase her around a tree...sigh...
    There isn't anything that brings men closer in the eternal bonds of brotherhood than statutory rape and rolling around on the ground with your shirts off and pouring beer on each other. Totally not gay at all.
    Pat to Jessie "Why cant I quit you?"
    This would make a decent double feature either with Ssssss for the whole BSG vibe or with Kalifornia for the whole "bad road trip" vibe.
    Great review, Wolfie!
    Now put your shirt back on and stop slow dancing with your "buddy" to "If I Can't Have You"....Boundaries, my friend, boundaries.
    Dreaded Dreams
    Petunia Scareum

  2. Damn, how did you know we were dancing to... I mean, I would never participate in homoerotic activities with my best friend! How dare you!

    Seriously, thank you for the comments. I have SSSSSSSS in my queue and I do dig KALIFORNIA. I may have to review them both soon.

  3. Nothing says friendship like statuatory rape LOL.

    This was probably my "favorite" movie in the Cult Classics set. There's more action than in the other films (except for maybe "Trip with the Teacher"). I like how out of control the guy gets and how easily he forgives him for attempting to rape his fiance.

    Awesome review. You should review "God Told Me To" if you ever get a chance.

    Kerrin from Filling the Void Reviews

  4. Yeah, I liked this film a lot. Was better than I was expecting it to be. Their relationship was just odd.

    And I added GOD TOLD ME TO to my queue. Thanks for the suggestion!


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