[SEQUEL SEPTEMBER] Eric King Isn't Bugged By "The Fly II"

Today's contribution for SEQUEL SEPTEMBER is by Eric King of Back Online, Back On Duty. Eric and I met each other through our respective blogs, commenting on each other's posts. After browsing through each other's blogs, we both realized we had a lot in common in terms of cinema and became instant friends after that. Eric's blog is pretty similar to mine in terms of content - horror, sci-fi, action, etc. - but shares his joy or discontent through .gif photos and humor. He's a huge fan of ROBOCOP as well, so I look forward to his thoughts on the upcoming remake. Let's hope something is done with the new suit before Eric shares his thoughts on it.

Eric also loves to do themes - his last one being a week-long love and admiration for one Christian Slater called Staterocalypse. It was a big success and is now working on an 80s Action Week next week. And a certain someone may be going COMMANDO for it. Eric is a great blogger, and a great friend and supporter. He was one of the first to jump on board for SEQUEL SEPTEMBER, so I will always be grateful to him for that.

Eric decided to write a new post to share for SEQUEL SEPTEMBER. Coincidentally, we both decided to write about the same sequel, although I posted my thoughts before he did. However, Eric shares my like for 1989's THE FLY II and decided to write about it - as well as post .gif photos that show the gruesome special effects in all their glory. Always have to top me, don't you? Hmph...whatever. Anyway, check out Eric's review for THE FLY II. Thanks Eric for the contribution and support, buddy!

This sequel of course isn't up to par with Cronenberg's revision of the 1958 Sci-Fi romp, but it is one helluva fun monster flick. I'm gonna speak out of my butt here and say that in a one way,it reminds me of Return of the Fly, the sequel to the 58 original- being that it follows the son of the first film's main character. But that's really it. This is its own thing; it's even a polar opposite of Cronenberg's movie, for the most part. Chris Walas' vision is just straight up gory fun, but not without some problems. The writing credits go to four people; Mick Garris (Critters 2), Frank Darabont (A Nightmare on Elm Street 3, The Shawshank Redemption), and Jim and Ken Wheat (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4, Chronicles of Riddick series). That's quite a powerhouse, if I do say so myself. However,I'm guessing the screenplays that all these dudes wrote up were fused together (in a Telepod, perhaps?) and elements from each draft are what the final product is. So, it's kinda messy from time to time,and jumps rather quickly from one feel to another. But there's nothing wrong with that if you're just seeking out a good popcorn flick, and that's pretty much how I see The Fly II.

[Read Eric King's THE FLY II Review at Back Online, Back On Duty!]

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