[SEQUEL SEPTEMBER] Mister Bones Gets His Chainsaw On With "[REC] 3"

Today's contribution to SEQUEL SEPTEMBER is by Mister Bones of the awesome Tales From the Batcave. One of my newer blogger friends, the guy has been supportive of my blog ever since and I dig his blog as well. Obviously a lover of all things Batman, he also digs horror and video games - my kind of dude. Definitely follow his blog because he's a cool cat, or is it Bat?

Mister Bones decided to share several sequel reviews he has tackled. But I chose a sequel I have yet to seen, but it's one I've been promoting since I received news about it via my e-mail. That review is for this year's [REC] 3, which has been one of the most highly anticipated and well received horror films of the year so far. Since I'm reviewing [REC] 2 later this month and [REC] 3 most likely during October's All Horror Month, I figured it would be a perfect opportunity for those who have yet to see [REC] 3 to get more of an urge to. From what I read in Bones' review, I'm totally excited to see this one. Support him and share the love. Thanks, Mister Bones!

"Pure. Fucking. Brilliance. That's the easiest way to describe the third film in the [Rec] series. As this one's making the rounds in the horror blogging community, I'm not going to waste much of your precious time, dear reader. There are plenty of places to read about this flick, and I tend to agree with most of the praise it's receiving."

[Read Tales From The Batcave's Review for [REC] 3]

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