[SEQUEL SEPTEMBER] Matt-suzaka Bloody Defends "Hostel Part II"

Today's contribution to SEQUEL SEPTEMBER is by Matt-suzaka of the fantastic Chuck Norris Ate My Baby. Matt is an awesome blogger and a cool friend and supporter of myself and Full Moon Reviews. He's a huge horror fan, but also loves his westerns, exploitation films, and action films. He's also a huge Chuck Norris fan, if you couldn't tell. He has also written for Paracinema, Strange Kids Club, and The Gentleman's Blog to Midnite Cinema. Matt has a lot of love and respect from his fellow bloggers, and I always enjoy reading any post he puts on his blog. Can't wait for his Chucktober IV event this October. Definitely follow Chuck Norris Ate My Baby if you haven't already.

Like my fellow blogger friends Venoms5 of Cool Ass Cinema, Matt has also decided to declare his love for Eli Roth's HOSTEL PART II. Who knew this sequel would be so popular this month? Now I feel like watching it again! Check out a second look of positivity for HOSTEL PART II. Thanks Matt for contributing to SEQUEL SEPTEMBER!

I think it's fair to say that Eli Roth is easily one of the most divisive names amongst horror fans. Whether it be his films, his Teddy fucking ballpark acting, or the man himself, Roth has found a way to tap into genre fans, leaving an impression that ranges from unmitigated adoration to complete repulsion. While his filmography is still in an infantile state with the amount of directorial output he has produced, Roth has made quite the impact on the genre since his 2002 debut, Cabin Fever. Regardless of the fact that both Cabin Fever and his sophomore effort, 2005's Hostel, have split a small rift in how they are received by horror fans, Cabin Fever has a decent cult following while Hostel is the template of, and will be looked back upon as, a major piece of the genre that would come to be branded "Torture Porn." To label either Hostel or Cabin Fever as being unfairly underappreciated would be a tad unfitting, as each film has garnered a decent amount of fandom in some fashion. Nevertheless, Eli Roth has directed one other notable horror movie, and it's actually one that I truly enjoy; however, it's also a film that seems to chap the average horror fan's ass in the harshest of way, and that would be his follow up to Hostel, 2007's Hostel: Part II.

[Read Matt's Affection for HOSTEL PART II at Chuck Norris Ate My Baby!]

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  1. I think Hostel 2 is awesome, I like it better then part 1, huge fan. Great write up.


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