Scream 4 [aka Scre4m] (2011) - Video Review

Wes Craven

Neve Campbell - Sidney Prescott
David Arquette - Sheriff Dewey Riley

Courteney Cox - Gale Weathers-Riley

Emma Roberts - Jill Roberts

Hayden Panettiere - Kirby Reed

Nico Tortorella - Trevor Sheldon

Marley Shelton - Deputy Judy Hicks

Rory Culkin - Charlie Walker

Alison Brie - Rebecca Walters

Erik Knudsen - Robbie Mercer

Anthony Anderson - Deputy Anthony Perkins

Adam Brody - Deputy Ross Hoss

Genre - Horror/Slasher/Comedy

Running Time - 111 Minutes

Here's a short video review for SCREAM 4, the film that has divided much of the horror community this weekend [I know from experience, believe me]. I enjoyed the heck out it, so that's all that matters. Flaws and all, I had a good time.


  1. I've been reading the reviews of this film for the past weekend (pro and con), yours is the one that sealed it for me - I am going to see this next Friday.

    Great work!

  2. I hope you enjoy the film as much as I did, Pax. There has been a line between love and hate for this one. It's not the deepest or scariest horror film, but it's definitely really entertaining. Thanks!

  3. Nice work, Freddie. I was going to pass on this and wait for DVD, but your insight is what I needed. I'm going to see this in the theater.

  4. Thanks, Geof. I just hope you enjoy the film. The feelings for this one have been so mixed. I would feel bad if you go see this and end up hating it. It's a flawed film for sure [after all, they were rewriting the script as they were filming - insane], but it's a fun one to watch. I would say it's on par with SCREAM 2 [which had a better story, even though 4 is more entertaining]. Look forward to reading/hearing your opinion on this one.

  5. I swear if I don't like it, I won;t come back to burn down Full Moon Reviews ;) You just gave me a real gauge on where I need to keep my expectations. Sounds like the wife will enjoy it too so that's a real plus.

  6. Yeah, my expectations weren't high for this one judging by the trailers. But I ended up having a blast with it, laughing and clapping for certain moments. It was a great time for sure. Just don't go expecting to be scared or seeing a film that was the caliber of the original SCREAM. It's more of a silly comedy with horror aspects in it. I just think a lot of people took it way too seriously and had high expectations for it. Personally, they should have just stuck with SCREAM and that's it. But I do enjoy all of them in various degrees.

  7. Once I work up the motivation, I'm going to rewatch the first 3 films then watch this one. Great review, sounds like a solid entry.

  8. Very nice. I haven't seen any of the SCREAM movies so I think I need to watch those first before I watch this one. Great review.

  9. I told you I'd be back. Yes it was fun for what it was, a Scream sequel and a whodunit slasher we so sorely needed. Great ending, especially the Ghostface "unmasking" and final punchline. This is one I highly suggest that should be seen in theaters, but unfortunately my audience was only 10 people or so.

  10. Yeah, SCREAM 4 pretty much bombed and it seems it will be the final installment. I'm more than okay with that. I can't see where they could go from here unless one of the main characters dons the Ghostface persona. I'm glad you enjoyed it though!


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