[SEQUEL SEPTEMBER] Mike Huntley's List of Sequels That Must Be Made

Today's contribution for SEQUEL SEPTEMBER is by Mike Huntley of Watchtower of Justice. I've known Mike for almost six years now, as we met through blogging on MySpace. He's a huge lover of horror, filming two films that were highlighted on here - BLIND DATE and MIDNIGHT SILENCE. He also loves comedy, action, and is a huge Batman fanatic. As a matter of fact, he can probably talk your ear off on that subject. Mike took a break from blogging for a while until returning with his new blog, Watchtower of Justice. I may contribute to it from time to time, especially if Mike decides to ever do that podcast he's interested in starting. Follow his blog and show him some love.

For this month's theme, Mike wrote a list that's different from many I have seen. Instead of listing the Best or Worst Sequels, Mike decided to come up with ten sequels he feels should be made but haven't been yet. It's an interesting list, especially since I would actually watch most, if not all, of these if they were ever made. Hopefully some studio executive will read this list and decide to put some money into any of these projects. So check out the list and let me Mike know what you think!

The movie business is a funny thing. Back when cinema first began, filmmakers and studios just concentrated on making the best movie they could make.  There were re-tellings of classic stories, now known to the movie going audience as remakes. While remakes are the "cool" thing in Hollywood right now as everyone seems to be scraping for cash in these desperate times we now live in, there was one cash cow that Hollywood took around the 1970s and that was known as the sequel. Sequels, the process of continuing the story by making a follow up to a well received motion picture. Like remakes, sequels can go either way. For every good remake/sequel, we get a bad one that makes the viewer question the power of money. Most  movie goers can make lists of their favorite or least favorite movie sequels, but that's been done so many times. We all have our own unique vision of what sequels work and which ones are sinking battleshits ready to fall into an endless volcano pit to the point where the stinch won't leave our poor tortured nostrils any time soon. Since I wanted my sequel list to be different from the usual offerings that go on with cinema blogs, I decided to go with "10 Movie Sequels That Must Be Made!".  Below will be a list of faux movie sequel titles and plots of my own design.  Sequelitis, here we go!



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