[SEQUEL SEPTEMBER] Master Gio Lists His Top 10 Sequels

SEQUEL SEPTEMBER is finally underway. All this month on the blog, you will be seeing posts based on nothing but sequels - good and bad. I have several reviews planned for this week, with one being posted hopefully tonight.

But in the meantime, many of my fellow bloggers have decided to contribute to SEQUEL SEPTEMBER - bringing the entire community together for a common goal. One contributor is Master Gio, my good friend who runs Words From The Master. He loves horror. He loves wrestling. And he loves porn. In other words, he's my kind of dude. Gio is very passionate about all three, which makes him fitting to start the contribution portion of this month's theme.

Gio has kindly decided to share a Top 10 list he wrote several years ago about his favorite sequels. Whether you agree with the list and/or its order, he has some great stuff included. Post here if you have any thoughts about his list. Or even better, go to his page and comment there. Sharing is caring.

Thanks Gio for helping me out with this month's theme. And support Words From The Master!

Sequels are a something that has existed for ages and is, for better or worse, a major part of the movie world. Summer always brings us sequels (OK, fuck that the whole fucking year is always filled with sequels), and this summer is no different. This month, alone, we get a prequel, that seems to have completely reinvented a series in Star Trek and another that is directed by the guy who did the wretched Charlie's Angels movie and is a PG-13 entry in an R-rated series (and movies like Robocop 3 and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome already proved that idea always sucks cock and swallows) in Terminator: Salvation.

And, while we can all mention and think of countless of horrible, terrible, miserable sequels that should be shit on and buried never to be seen again, this blog is about the best of the best. Now, it is more than likely that you will feel differently about this list, and that you think I omitted some movies and whatnot. If so, tell me what films you think should be on this list.

But for now here goes my list. Enjoy.

[Master Gio's Top 10 Best Sequels]

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