The Midnight Confessions Movie Show #6: Night Fright (1967)

Welcome to episode No. 6 of Midnight Confessions Movie Show. Join Rev. Phantom, Moronic Mark and myself as we talk over one of the worst movies of all time, NIGHT FRIGHT. [Not to be confused with FRIGHT NIGHT, that really good vampire flick from the 80's]. This movie has it all: hair helmets, parking, driving, middle-aged teenagers, a framed cock, three-point turns, waiting, more driving, more parking, a bald-headed gorilla doing the Humpty Hump, people with orange skin, people with red skin, white people trying to dance, French Stewart, more driving, more waiting, even more waiting and well...that’s about it.

IMDb says this film is about:
A government space experiment into the effects of cosmic rays on animal life goes horribly wrong, creating a mutant monster that terrorizes a rural community [...by doing the Humpty Dance].

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