When Wrestlers Act: Monster Brawl (2011) [The Lair of the Unwanted Podcast]

Jesse T. Cook

Dave Foley - Buzz Chambers
Art Hindle - "Sasquatch" Sid Tucker
Robert Maillet - Frankenstein
Kevin Nash - Colonel Crookshank
Lance Henriksen - Narrator
Herb Dean - Himself
Jason David Brown - Cyclops/Swamp Gut/Cyril Haggard
Kelly Couture - Lady Vampire
R.J. Skinner - Werewolf/Mummy
Rico Montana - Zombie Man
Holly Letkeman - Witch Bitch

Genre - Horror/Action/Monsters

Running Time - 90 Minutes

I was honored to be a guest on The Lair of the Unwanted podcast earlier this week, which is hosted by the always awesome Jason Soto of Invasion of the B Movies and Nolahn of the Bargain Bin Review. We discussed 2011's MONSTER BRAWL, which features eight monsters beating the crap out of each inside a wrestling ring. Listen to the podcast to hear our thoughts on what should have been a much better film.

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