The B-Movie Bungalow Presents: Black Roses (1988) [Video Review]

John Fasano

John Martin - Matt Moorhouse
Frank Dietz - Johnny Pratt
Karen Planden - Julie Windham
Sal Viviano - Damien
Pat Streliioff - Janey Miller

Genre - Horror/Demons/B-Movie/Cult

Running Time - 84 Minutes

From the same director as ROCK 'N' ROLL NIGHTMARE. Heavy metal. Demonic puppets. And Vincent Pastore getting sucked through a speaker. Need I say more?


  1. Ok, I can't stop laughing..not because of your review, Wolfie, but for that sad fact that I saw King Kobra(who provided most of the music for this film) about 5 or 6 times around the L.A. area in the late 80's. The singer at the time this movie was made was Mark Free, but he was replaced with Marq Torien. Then when Johnny Rod (whoo hoo) left to join WASP, Lonnie Vincent joined KK. Then Mick Sweda, Vincent, and Torien formed Bullet Boys. Lonnie had come from another local L.A. band called Hawk, whose claim to fame in the club circuit at that time was they had THE BIGGEST HAIR of all the glam bands. And yes, I got to see BulletBoyz in a small venue as well as Hawk, and WASP w/Johnny opened for KISS and I got to see them as well. I got to meet Appice and Frees a few times, cool guys. But I never once saw anyone in the crowd turn into these types of monsters, but there were some stoned "zombie like" faces in the crowds...hey, it was the 80's after all.
    This would make a nice double feature with 1986's Trick or Treat, whose music was provided by Fastway. Sigh...everytime I watch Rock Star I am transported back to my overly hairspayed late teens/early twenty's.
    I wish I had paid more attention to one of the unsigned local bands I saw at a tinee tiney club in the 80's...what was their name again? Oh yeah...Gun's and Roses. Guess they went no where, never heard of them again ;)
    Great review, thanks for the trip down memory lane which to me is late 80's L.A. club scene.
    I will now put my aquanet, spandex pants, and studded bracelets and belts away...
    Dreaded Dreams
    Petunia Scareum

  2. This may be my favorite review of yours--though I must respectfully disagree that R&R Nightmare is the better movie...half of that fucking movie is the longest van ride ever filmed! Granted, Black Roses is severely lacking in the Jon Mikl Thor department, but I found Black Roses to be the more entertaining film overall. Great review though, Wolf--loved the Kentucky Fried Movie thrown in there too.

  3. I'm glad I brought the 80s back to you, Pete. I wish I could bring the 80s back to all of us. Just with more internet this time.

    And thanks for the compliment, Fred. I think this is my best review as well. I was sort of feeling it with this one. And I think I like RnR NIGHTMARE more is because I knew what I was getting myself into with that one. I had seen clips and knew what was gonna happen, so it didn't bother me with all that dead space. Plus it didn't take itself seriously. I do think BLACK ROSES is a decent film for what it is. I just wish it had a little more fun with the concept. Plus the story wasn't all that good [even though when it was, it was pretty damn good]. But I have a feeling it's one of those films that takes multiple viewings for it to grow on me more. But for a B-flick, 2 out of 4 isn't a bad score. And I love KFM. Such a fantastic comedy.

  4. A perfect triple feature with TRICK OR TREAT, I had no idea that BLACK ROSES was directed by Fasano as well thought!


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