The Howling: Reborn Trailer

Above is the new trailer to THE HOWLING: REBORN, which will apparently reboot the very debatable werewolf franchise. What are your thoughts? Is still a good move? Or should things have been left alone? I honestly thought this was a preview for the next MTV Teen Wolf episode. My bad!


  1. It does look like it's the MTV Teen Wolf but it at least looks a lot better than any of the other sequels.
    I don't mind it's being made at all though, since it's giving me a reason to do a week-long Howlathon for the Howling series!...um...yeah...why am I acting like having to watch all of the Howling sequels is a good thing? *sigh*
    Well, I've almost got the entire sequel series, so I'll be able to watch and review them all come October when Howling: Reborn comes out!
    (I get the feeling that all! infamously bad series' must all stop at No. 7. Look at the Howling series, or the Police Academy series. I'm guessing that if any further sequel is made past that number for series' like these, the universe will explode or something Haha!)

  2. How is this a "reboot?" It's not a remake of the first film. It looks like it's just yet another only marginally connected sequel, albeit an unusually slick one.

  3. @Chris - Man, you're really gonna watch ALL of THE HOWLING movies? I hope you don't do it in a marathon. Your brain my explode.

    @Jack - Well, it's the words of the producers, not mine. I guess they call it a reboot because it's for a much younger audience. In that sense, they feel as if they're starting fresh. But I agree - it looks like another sequel with better production values.

  4. Afraid so Fred, one day, one Howling movie, the Howlathon!

  5. I stalled out after part 4 when I was doing the Howlings, but I'll be curious to check this out and see what happens.


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