The Happy 101 Award!

Yay! Full Moon Reviews wins another award - The Happy 101 Award! I want to thank Brandon Sites of the fantastic Dollar Bin Horror and Big Daddy Horror Reviews for the award! Means a lot to have your support.

The rules are simple: 10 Things That Bring You Joy and Then Pass It Onto 10 Other Blogs


1. Horror Movies - Duh! I wouldn't be having this blog if I didn't love them.

2. Writing - Helps me express myself in a way I probably wouldn't be able to do verbally.

3. Professional Wrestling - Yeah, this may seem stupid but I love the fake sport. It's not as good as it used to be but I'm still watching it. More WWE than TNA, but I'll watch either one.

4. 80s Music - My favorite decade has my favorite music. 70s would be my number 2.

5. Hanging Out With My Cousins - I'm an only child, so my cousins are like my brothers. We pretty much surf the internet and play video games. But as long as we hang out, it's all good.

6. Rock Band/Guitar Hero - Big music genre fan when it comes to video games. Rock Band has the better library of songs but Guitar Hero has the better challenge. I play expert on all instruments except for drums. One day I'll get better on those.

7. New York Yankees - I'm waiting for 28...

8. Jersey Shore - I can't help it, but I love this stupid show. It rots your brain, but these guys entertain the shit out of me. They make me feel better as a human being.

9. Making Movies - I love to express my creative freedom by putting it on video or film. It's sort of a hobby now but I hope to make it into a true career one day. I definitely want to make a cool horror movie and I know people who want to help me with that. It'll happen.

10. Exercise - I've been doing it more lately and lost 15 pounds. It's not easy but it helps relieve stress and it makes me feel better about myself and my body. I hope it keep it up.


1. Midnight Confessions
2. The Lightning Bug's Lair
3. The Spooky Vegan
4. Tower Farm Reviews
5. Deadly Serious
6. The Horror Digest
7. Porkhead's Horror Review Hole
8. Billy Loves Stu
9. I Like Horror Movies
10. The Kid In the Hall


  1. Thanks!!

    The award is very much appreciated! And congrats on your own award. :)

    All my best!

  2. LoL, I gave you the same award! http://trickortreatpete.blogspot.com/2010/08/happy-101-blogger-award.html
    I guess great minds think alike, or we think like we have great minds, or we don't mind that we are great, or some are great and some have greatness thrust upon them...wait, what was just thrust upon me? A great what? Holy socks on Sunday, Batman...someone gave me a thrust of something and I missed it? Well that's a fine how-do-ya-do.
    Where was I? Oh yeah, the award, thanks Wolfie!
    Dreaded Dreams
    Petunia Scareum

  3. Guitar Hero and Rock Band > ALL. Im glad I finally dont suck at either lol..

    Thanks for spreadin the love man, I appreciate all of your guys' support always!

  4. Congratulations on the award buddy...well deserved, keep up the good work!


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