MTV's "Teen Wolf" Trailer finally unveiled - thoughts?

Well here it is - the new version of Teen Wolf, this time done by Viacom and MTV Networks. As a huge fan of the original 1985 TEEN WOLF film, this version seems to be influenced more by TWILIGHT and more modern teen horror [which is obviously what's selling these days]. I could bash it, but I'll save my thoughts once I finally see an episode or two of it. As for you guys, what are your thoughts on this trailer? Full moon or silver bullet?


  1. Seriously? MTV shouldn’t have bastardized the Teen Wolf franchise name just to make a Twilight type show…..just call it something else! Kill it with fire!!

  2. I wish this was a joke. But I'll wait until I pass real judgment on it.

  3. Of course, old-school horror fans were upset in 1985 because Teen Wolf was just a crappy comedic "remake" of 1957's I Was a Teenage Werewolf!

  4. Fred: You show admirable restraint in reserving comment. Waiting until viewing has always been my golden rule as well. But in this case I feel comfortable making an exception.

    Nothing here suggest anything but shit-on-delivery. This is just a grab for the cool teenage monster money that seems to be a bottomless well of cash. I swear, if I see one more pretty boy glowering at me in a print ad, I'm going to shit in my shoes.

    What franchise is next. Pre-pubescent mummies? Jesus, God, I long for the good ol’ days when being a vampire or a werewolf was actually a curse instead of a cool way to get laid in high school.

  5. I remember seeing a post about this on FEARnet I instantly thought "Oh hell no!" It looks like my first thoughts were right. This looks so stupid and they really need to cancel this. We can thank Twilight for killing horror movies now.

    If they really want to have a T.v. series about a werewolf then let's stick to "Big wolf on campus" now that one is awesome. :)


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