Psycho Sleepover (2008) [Fatally-Yours.com X-Clusive]

"High school student Debbie Dicky (Rachel Castillo) is having a bad year. Not only did she discover her father AND her boyfriend (Paul Rust) are both deranged serial killers, but her out-of-touch mom (Lenore Cutler) decided to uproot them and move to Murderton [how freakin' clever! - hardy har har!], California. With a background like that, Debbie's having some trouble making friends. All that changes, however, when the most popular girls in school (Emilia Richeson, Ariel Teals Toombs, Frankie Frain) unexpectedly invite her to a wild and crazy sleepover party. Thanks to a group of horny boys, escaped mental patients, and plenty of sex and drugs, this is one sleepover that Debbie will not forget... unless she gets amnesia or something."

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