Madeo [Mother] (2009)

Bong Joon-Ho

Kim Hye-ja - Mother
Won Bin - Yoon Do-joon

Jin Goo - Jin-tae

Je-mun Yun - Je-mun

Mun-hee Na - Moon Ah-jung

Genre - Mystery/Thriller/Drama/Crime

Running Time - 128 Minutes

This film discussion/review is for The Hunter College Film Blog [which is the blog for the college I'm graduating from this month - yay!]. There's a film of the month and the writers for the blog usually take the time to watch the film and give their thoughts on it. It's not one of my normal reviews, but since I contributed to it and wrote my thoughts on MOTHER, then I'm considering this my 388th review. So click on the link and read my thoughts on this fantastic film.

Film Discussion: MOTHER (2009)

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