FMR wins a "You Scare Me" Award!!

Wow, so Petunia Scareum of Deadly Serious [FOLLOW HER!] has created a blog award called the "You Scare Me" Horror Blog Award to acknowledge Horror Bloggers who, as she says, deserve their day in the sun or moon. She named me the first ever recipient of the award and wrote a wonderful statement as to why I was picked that really touched my heart. Sometimes I wonder why I even do this blog and it's great people like Pete who remind me why. So thank you Pete for this award and for commenting on my posts. It truly means alot! :)

Here is how this award works.
1. You must thank the blogger who sent it to you.
2. You must choose two Horror Bloggers that you feel are outstanding and deserve to be recognized for their work and dedication to the Horror genre.
3. You must describe why you think each recipient deserves this award.

It was really hard only being able to choose TWO Horror Bloggers because I think there are so many out there that are just truly incredible. But I had to pick the two that inspire me to become a better horror blogger and actually reveal me to movies I probably would have never known unless I took a day off to research. So here are my two choices:

1. Reverend Phantom - Midnight Confessions

I've known the other Fred for over three years now, thanks to MySpace. I believe he read my WEIRD SCIENCE review and wanted me to write for his Phantamorte MySpace page. Ever since, we've always commented on each other's stuff and helped each other whenever there needed be. We both love the same things pretty much, although his taste for horror is a bit more European and exploitative than mine is currently [I'm getting there, Phantom!]. But he always takes his reviews seriously, always giving you information that may not have known about, as well as throw in some humor when there's a need for it. Because of him, I remembered movies that I had long forgotten about, or I'm introduced to some crazy ass shit that I want to see and add to my Netflix queue. He was pretty much one of the first of our MySpace crew to start doing video reviews and has since become a reviewing star on Midnight Confessions and on YouTube with his over 400 subscribers - all well earned since he was my inspiration to doing video reviews in the first place.

He's always been a true friend to me and never has an ego about things. He truly loves film and graphic arts. Without him, I probably would have stopped reviewing a long time ago. One of these days, we will meet and our reviewing powers will combine, creating a massive crash in the reviewing blogosphere that will be felt for years to come. But until then, he gets a "You Scare Me" award.

2. The Lightning Bug - The Lightning Bug's Lair

Zach was one of my first Blogger followers back in 2008 and has always supported me quietly ever since. His blog is incredibly impressive and so damn entertaining. He writes reviews with a chock-full of information and trivia that I wouldn't have known until reading his stuff. He's another blogger that introduced me to other films I have never seen, broading my horror film knowledge tenfold. He has different segments for his blog, like "Once Upon A Time In Italy", "Ladies Night", and so forth - all equally entertaining. He never shies away from a film, even if it's cinema trash, always giving us his honest opinion whether it's good or bad. Zach is a true horror blogger in every sense of the word and definitely one of my biggest inspirations. If you haven't checked his stuff out, then you definitely need to. He gets my second "You Scare Me" award.

That's all for this post. The next review [my 345th!!! - I already have my 350th review planned - and yes it will be a video review for an 80s horror classic] will be a video review for the B-Movie Bungalow: TRIP WITH THE TEACHER (1975). Until then, stay scary!


  1. Well I scare most people I know, so it's about time I got an award for it--Thanx, Wolfie! Man, we have known each other for a while now...wow, those MySpace days seem like forever ago. They sure were fun though. I've lost contact with a lot of fellow freex from back then, so I'm glad we've kept in touch. If I ever manage to get back to New York one of these days, you know you'll be the first person I look up. I imagine there would be a lot of movie watching and 80's music involved if we ever got together. lol

    I haven't been participating in these awards much seeing I've not been blogging all that much, but I'll repay the favor somehow. Thanx again, Fred.

  2. LOL! You should take the whole scare thing as a compliment. It means you have power over others. And yeah, I couldn't believe it's been over three years, bro! It's been so long, yet it went so fast. And I regret losing a lot of MySpace friends back in the day also, but a lot of them are still on Facebook, so it's all good. And definitely look me up if you ever get to NYC again. 80s and horror will be the entire visit. LOL

    And no worries about the blogging. I know how it goes. It's like a cycle sometimes. I'm sure in the Fall, I won't be around as much as I am now with filming and probably work as well. Just commenting is enough of a favor return for me.

  3. Great picks, Wolfie! I've been keeping up with Rev's stuff for as long as I've been keeping up with yours, but just didn't ever post anything (I hate posting as Anonymous, to me that's like hit and run). He has more knowledge of Italian horror and exploitation films than a body should have. His work is so amazing.
    I just starting following The Lightening Bug's Lair, great stuff.
    Congrats to both!
    That's right...be lulled into a false sense of security and follow me..."ice cream....lolly pops...and all free today...." >;-)
    Dreaded Dreams
    Petunia Scareum


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