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Believing in the supernatural and the law of karma, I know not to do really bad things to others. I'll be damned if what I did to someone in the past will catch up to me when, God forbid, this person is in the afterlife. Being possessed by this person? Getting murdered by this person? Having to suffer through annoying visions and dreams? Screw that! Ain't gonna happen! After 75 minutes of DEAD BY DAWN, my mind has been made up. A low budget supernatural thriller, DEAD BY DAWN kept my interest by telling an interesting story. Unfortunately, it could have been told better and the rest of the film isn't all that original. But it doesn't make DEAD BY DAWN a bad film at all.

DEAD BY DAWN begins with some dude named Christopher Schrieder (played by director Nigel Hartwell) being accused of rape by former girlfriend, Tiffany Beach (Tiffany Edwardsen). Although claiming innocence, Christopher kills himself realizing he'll be sentenced for rape anyway. His father (Norman McIssac) finds his body, but doesn't see that Christopher's eyes are completely white. Also strange - Tiffany herself appears to be missing, even presumed dead.

Some time after, a group of High Schoolers [who look like they've been leftback a decade or two] head off to the lake house for a weekend where Christopher murdered himself. One of these "teenagers" is Christopher's younger brother, Jordan (Anthony Cortese), who is shocked when his girlfriend invites Tiffany's twin sister, Tanya (also played by Tiffany Edwardsen). What's ironic is that Tanya is oblivious to Jordan's identity, while Jordan knows exactly who she is. While this mystery unravels and sins of the past begin to surface, an evil spirit roams the woods murdering these "teenagers" in an act of revenge. Who survives? Who bites it hard? Does it even matter?

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  2. Wow...that DVD box is so cheap I think I visualize exactly what the movie looks like. Still, I'd probably love it. Sounds like a Netflix rental to me!


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