Blood For The Muse [The Omega Edition] (2009)

Whenever we need or want to do anything, it helps if something [or someone] inspires us to do so. That so-called muse gives us drive, determination, and an urge to set out and accomplish something that personally means something. We've gotten great works of art, fantastic novels, incredible films, and even entertaining reviews from our personal muses. But sometimes, a muse can take an artist over that point of no return.

Such is the case in BLOOD FOR THE MUSE, an indie-horror flick based on a 1990's comic book of the same name. And while I can't compare the transition from comic to film, I can say that BLOOD FOR THE MUSE is a great concept with a poorer execution. It's not a terrible film, but it didn't inspire me a whole much either.

BLOOD FOR THE MUSE is about a video store clerk named Josh (Josh Robinson) who lives by going through the motions of life, giving us a running narrative about how the world around him is full of imbeciles who live their lives without a clear future objective. Josh apparently is superior due to his obsession with a muse called Melpomene (Tina Krause), who was the daughter of Zeus that was banished out of Heaven to deal with tragic issues and despair. In order to get closer to his muse, Josh turns to serial killing prostitutes. Josh then proceeds to "sacrifice" these victims so he can be closer to Melpomene.

However, Melpomene doesn't seem to satisfied with Josh's choice of "gifts". Apparently, prostitutes are already suffering and are banished from society's norms, not bringing enough tragedy in the world for Melpomene to appear. Josh is convinced he must sacrifice someone with a pure soul that would be missed by many people. With this revelation, Josh meets Sara (Tina Krause in a second role), who takes a liking to Josh and vice-versa. These feelings make Josh realize that Sara is the soul Melpomene has been waiting for. Will he sacrifice Sara for a muse or will Josh finally realize that the happiness he's been looking for is right in front of him?

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