Friday The 13th Part 3-D (1982)

Director – Steve Miner
Starring -
Dana Kimmell - Chris
Richard Brooker - Jason Voorhees
Paul Kratka - Rick
Jeff Rodger - Andy
Tracie Savage - Debbie
Catherine Parks - Vera
Rachel Howard - Chili
Year - 1982
Score - 2.5 Howls Outta 4

In 1982, the big craze at the time was the innovation of 3-D glasses. You know, those flimsy glasses where one lens was red and the other was blue? You would look at things surrounded by walls of red and blue and it would just pop out at you. It was a pretty nifty invention that alot of us 80s kids were into at the time. Because of this fad, movie studios decided to make movies using this 3-D technology. There was Amityville 3-D and Jaws 3-D...neither of which I would watch sober again [the movies seem better if intoxicated...yes, they're THAT bad]. But Friday The 13th 3-D definitely makes the 3-D experience great. I'm not quite sure if the 3-D thing helped bring audiences into the theater, but I enjoyed it.
Friday the 13th 3-D picks up right after the events of Part 2 after Jason's encounter with Ginny. Jason picks up the machete used against him by Ginny and continues to slaughter people around Crystal Lake, beginning when he first kills this arguing older couple that same night. The next morning, Chris (Dana Kimmell) takes five of her friends to her cabin near Crystal Lake [just coincidence, right? Right??]. Among Chris' friends are Shelley (Larry Zerner), Andy (Jeffrey Rogers), Debbie (Tracie Savage), Chuck (David Katims), and Chili (Rachel Howard). They also pick up Latina spitfire Vera (Catherine Parks) on the way as well.

Once they arrive at the cabin, the group is surprised by Rick (Paul Kratka), who happens to be Chris' boyfriend. Chris and Rick get re-acquainted until Shelley scares her with a stupid prank. Everyone is annoyed by Shelley, especially Chris, who fears of Crystal Lake has resurfaced [she was attacked by Jason two years before]. A few minutes later, Shelley and Vera get themselves in trouble with a biker gang. The biker gang tries to steal the group's gasoline, but are pretty much slaughtered by Jason. Jason then finds Shelley's hockey mask [creating a horror icon in the process] and puts it on, suddenly giving Jason motivation to murder everyone in range until Chris is left to face her fears.
Again, Friday The 13th 3-D is a rehash of the original with so many cliches that it's not even scary to watch at this point. Still, the film has a lot of style and cool kills. Steve Miner, who returned to direct after Part 2, really picked up his game here. His direction creates suspense [especially the final 20 minutes with Chris and Jason] and he's more focused on action than trying to scare people, which benefits the film. I also loved the gory deaths here. Someone gets sliced in half during a handstand. We get a machete through the torso. Eyes pop out of a head as Jason crushes the dude's skull. It's all used for the 3-D effect, and while it's cheesy, it works pretty well [I have seen this movie in 3-D years ago and liked it alot].
As for the acting, nobody really stuck out. It was just kinda there. Dana Kimmell as Chris was okay at best. She didn't really impress me with her thespian skills, but she wasn't so bad that I wanted her dead. She had a strange way of showing fear. I did appreciate her fall into madness at the end of the movie though. Thought it was kinda funny. I felt bad for Shelley played by Lenny Zerner. He was an okay actor too who showed his pain of not being wanted around his group of "friends". All he wanted to do was show these people a good time by scaring them. God, some people don't have a sense of humor. Maybe Jason was right in killing them. Speaking of Jason, Richard Booker did a real good job as the killer. Loved the walk, loved the hockey mask, and absolutely loved the performance he displayed when he was unmasked. The panting, the heavy breathing, that disturbed smile...it was like he was masturbating at the sight of Chris every time he looked at her at the end. What a sick perv! Jason's alright in my book. He's a pretty funny dude underneath that hockey mask.
I have to say something about the opening and ending theme for this movie: WHAT THE FUCK? A disco theme...are you fuckin' serious? In a Friday The 13th movie!? Is this supposed to scare me in the RIGHT way? Everytime I hear that theme, I either die laughing, or do my jungle dance [yes I do a jungle dance and no, I will not take any video of it. I must maintain some dignity!]. But really, the theme to this movie is probably the most bizarre of any horror movie I've ever seen. Just for the disco score, it gets 1/2 howl. Just...wow.
I liked Friday The 13th 3-D. After the third part of a horror series, nothing really scares you or surprises you anymore. I appreciated that they tried to add some humor to the film and it worked for me. It also has better directing and kills than in the second. It's a fun movie that's definitely worth a rental just for that opening disco theme alone. Not as good as the original but definitely more entertaining than the second.

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