Full Moon Reviews Celebrates Its 6th Anniversary!!

It's always weird when I publish these anniversary posts because it makes me wonder where the time has gone. Full Moon Reviews has really grown and become pretty major in my life, especially since it started as just a way for me to express my love [or dislike] for certain films. I never thought I'd be still blogging after almost eight years, with close to 700 reviews under my belt. Also, Full Moon Reviews recently hit over a million views, which boggles my mind. I really want to thank anyone who has viewed, commented, or shared to others about Full Moon Reviews. It has truly meant a lot to me. In fact, there will be a giveaway of some sort due to that milestone. I haven't decided on what yet, but it will happen probably sometime in May.

As you know, I haven't blogged as much as I would like. Getting older and having more important things take priority have really limited my posting. But I'm glad to have Mike Huntley, who has done well with his Watchtower of Justice posts, pick up some of that slack. He's a movie nerd like me, especially when it comes to superheroes and comic book stuff. So it's great to have him on board. I also have to thank Reverend Phantom, who has allowed me to be his co-host on Midnight Confessions Podcast. It's an honor to discuss films with him, since we get along really well and have different looks on movies, even when we both agree. The podcast has really started to pick up, and Phantom and I have started to find a groove now. We have a lot planned for Spring and Summer, which I'm very excited about. I also have to thank 'Moronic' Mark Arnold for allowing me to post his reviews as well. He's done a great job on YouTube with his humorous look on bad films. I haven't posted anything from him yet, but I will soon. Just glad to have these men on board keeping this going for me.

Also, special mention goes to Aaron "Dr. AC" Christensen for asking me to contribute to his latest horror review book, Hidden Horror: A Celebration of 101 Underrated and Overlooked Fright Flicks. I had a wonderful time writing my feelings on the underrated 2001 film, FRAILTY, and I'm very happy the book has done extremely well on Amazon and critically as well. If you ever want to know why I love FRAILTY, buy the book because it's the only way you'll know. It's a great read if you love horror. Thanks, AC!

What's coming up this year? A lot of superhero stuff this summer, as Marvel kicks it into high gear with their multiple franchises such as X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2, and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Summer will probably be focused on "Animals Run Amok" with the highly anticipated sequel, SHARKNADO 2: THE SECOND ONE. There might be another SEQUEL SEPTEMBER, not sure yet. But HORROR MOVIE MONTH in October will definitely be back and I'm always excited when that time of the year comes.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported me and Full Moon Reviews in any way. Without you guys, I'd probably would have discontinued a lot time ago. But I'm very excited about the upcoming year, so please stay tuned to a lot of great stuff coming your way.

- Fred [The Wolf]

TOP 10 MOST VIEWED POSTS [from 4/12/13 to 4/12/14]

Posted September 14, 2013, this post has 858 views

One of the most anticipated horror films of 2013, the review for James Wan's ghostly-possession sequel did really well once I published my quick thoughts on it. It's still a film that's a bit inferior to the first film, but it's a film I would love to watch again to see if my feelings stay intact. It's now currently on the U.S. Netflix Instant Watch, so I may get that chance soon. But from what I remember of it, I dug this film for the most part.

9. GHOST SHARK (2013)
Posted on August 30, 2013, this post has 912 views

Probably one of the more surprising successful posts on Full Moon Reviews, GHOST SHARK wasn't really a film that a lot of people promoted or knew about - at least not on the level of SHARKNADO [which I'll be getting to shortly]. But SHARK SUMMER is a pretty big attraction on Full Moon Reviews, so I'm guessing that's why this SyFy movie did as well as it did. I honestly only remember how silly it was to have a vengeful spirit of a scorned shark have the ability to attack others through any form of water, whether it'd be in a swimming pool, a toilet, or a sitting bucket of water at a car wash. Not as fun as SHARKNADO, but GHOST SHARK amused me more than I thought it would.

Posted on May 15, 2013, this post has 999 views

Of all the sequels to this car franchise, I'm really surprised that TOKYO DRIFT was the most viewed. Maybe it's due to the fact that the recent FAST AND FURIOUS 6 connects to TOKYO DRIFT in a major way. But honestly, I figured FAST FIVE would do much better than it did. But a lot of you either love TOKYO DRIFT and don't care to admit it, or were just curious as to my thoughts on it. It's a decent sequel, I guess. And I'm interested to see how Lucas Black figures into FAST AND FURIOUS 7. So there's that.

Posted on July 31, 2013, this post has 1065 views

CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST was one of those films I wanted/dreaded to review. It's probably one of the best found footage type of films ever made, but it's such a tough watch due to the animal cruelty and other messed up subject matter. The only reason this review even exists is due to Guts and Grog's Extreme Week, which this post was a part of. I probably would have never watched the film again if it weren't for that. And honestly, I don't see myself watching CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST any time soon. But I'm glad a lot of people enjoyed my thoughts on this controversial movie.

Posted on July 22, 2013, this post has 1225 views

There are a lot of Power Rangers fans out there, and TURBO: A POWER RANGERS MOVIE may be one of the most infamous pieces of that franchise's history. It's really just a terrible film that seems to forget what made the previous seasons so damn cool. It has a lame, yet really hot, villain. The characters and writing just seem dull. The way the Rangers gain these new powers is just lazy as hell. If it wasn't for Evil Kimberly, with Amy Jo Johnson looking so hot, I wouldn't bother with this movie. Thankfully, the franchise quickly bounced back from this and continues to thrive today. But this "Shift Into Turbo" should have crashed into a wall before it even got out of the starting gate.

5. ORCA (1977)
Posted on July 22, 2013, this post has 1240 views

ORCA was never a film I planned on reviewing. But it was expiring on Netflix Instant at the time, and I said why not. And not only did I like the film more than I had remembered liking it as a kid, but the views for this review blew up quickly once I posted it. Of all the JAWS ripoffs I probably reviewed within the year, ORCA was definitely the best one. Just a really well made film with a great score. Within a summer of sharks, it was a killer whale who made one of the biggest impressions on Full Moon Reviews.

4. THE PURGE (2013)
Posted on June 8, 2013, this post has 1416 views

THE PURGE was one of the more anticipated horror films of 2013. It also managed to be one of the more disappointing in a lot of ways. Great cast. Great concept. Nice bits of tension and suspense. But the execution was flawed, especially when we realized THE PURGE was nothing more than a home invasion film really. At least YOU'RE NEXT did it in a fun way. THE PURGE started out strong, but turned generic by the halfway mark. Still, it's not a terrible film and I am interested in the sequel that's coming out this year. I just wish they had worked around the concept better.

Posted on April 27, 2013, this post has 1552 views

The original 2001 THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS was a film I wanted to review for so long now because the entire franchise is one giant guilty pleasure. It's a film that honestly should have never built a franchise. Yet it did, and the films have never been better. I'm really surprised so many wanted to read my thoughts on this film, because so many consider this film nothing but fluff. But it's fun, exciting fluff that created stars out of Vin Diesel, the late Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jordana Brewster.

Posted on April 21, 2013, this post has 1865 views

THE LORDS OF SALEM was a film that had a ton of buzz behind it, but audiences had trouble finding due to limited theatrical release. But Rob Zombie proved that he was a true filmmaker with this original tale inspired by Italian horror from the 1970s, especially Bava and Argento. THE LORDS OF SALEM was really a film that surprised me, as it didn't really make a whole lick of sense, but it captured my attention like no other in the horror genre last year. It's a visually stunning movie, with Sheri Moon Zombie having the performance of her career. I think people flocked to this post because the film was so rare at the time when I published my review. But I think people found some appreciation for the film once it was released on DVD and Blu Ray, praising Zombie for making his own film rather than remaking someone else's. The fact that it was so anti-mainstream struck a chord with me, making me respect Zombie for doing his own thing rather than selling out to make a quick buck. We need more filmmakers like that in the horror genre.

1. SHARKNADO (2013)
Posted July 12, 2013, this post has 3449 views.

SHARKNADO was probably my most anticipated film of 2013. I mean seriously - a film about a tornado made up of sharks attacking California - how can one not want to watch that? And it was everything I had hoped it would be. Sure, Tara Reid's presence brought the film down some. But Ian Ziering, John Heard, those CGI sharks, and chainsaw fun really entertained the hell out of me. The film because SyFy's biggest pop culture moment, to the point that a sequel was rushed for this year - this time in New York City. I'm so there. A lot of folks ripped this film to shreds, but I loved the hell out of it and still do. And judging by the view count, so did a lot of other peeps as well.

TOP 10 MOST VIEWED REVIEWS [April 12, 2013]

1. 1408 (2007) - 58,824 Views

2. WITCHBOARD (1987) - 23,748 Views

3. ELVIRA, MISTRESS OF THE DARK (1988) - 5,513 Views

4. BABYSITTER WANTED (2008) - 3,748 Views

5. TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (1990) - 3,262 Views

6. A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (2010) - 3,122 Views

7. NIGHT OF THE DEMONS (2009/2010) - 3,014 Views

8. NEIGHBOR (2009) - 2,969 Views

9. 2001 MANIACS: FIELD OF SCREAMS (2010) - 2,722 Views

10. PIRANHA (2010) - 2,655 Views

TOP 10 MOST VIEWED REVIEWS [April 12, 2014]

1. 1408 (2007) - 129,480 Views

2. WITCHBOARD (1987) - 28,871 Views

3. ELVIRA, MISTRESS OF THE DARK (1988) - 5,809 Views

4. BABYSITTER WANTED (2008) - 4,019 Views

5. PIRANHA (2010) - 3,674 Views

6. TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (1990) - 3,579 Views

7. NIGHT OF THE DEMONS (2009) - 3,564 Views

8. NEIGHBOR (2009) - 3,560 Views

9. RED SONJA (1985) - 3,527 Views

10. SHARK ATTACK 3: MEGALODON (2002) - 3,490 Views

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