Podcast Plug: Midnight Confessions w/ Reverend Phantom

Since I've had less time to really review as much and as frequently as I would like, I'm allowing a couple of more contributors to Full Moon Reviews to keep the content flowing. I will still be reviewing more often than not, but it's also nice to have friends who don't mind sharing their opinions on this blog as a way to help each other out. So like with Mike Huntley's "The Watchtower of Justice" posts, you'll be getting more guest contributors to spread the wealth across Full Moon Reviews.

My good friend, Reverend Phantom, has started a new podcast called "Midnight Confessions" - which was the name of his massively popular YouTube video review series until YouTube decided to be copyright Nazis and limit what Phantom wanted to present. Phantom and I go way back since MySpace [remember that?] and he's always had my back. So I wanted to return the favor. So I will be posting his podcast episodes on Full Moon Reviews from now on. He has a great voice, and great knowledge for all things horror and exploitation - which I'm sure many of you readers are very interested in. And yours truly will probably pop in on the podcast from time to time as well.

So check out Episode 1, which is an introduction to all things Phantom and what he plans to do with this new venture. You can also subscribe to his podcasts on iTunes if that's your thing. Thanks Phantom for allowing me to share your knowledge with my readers. 2014 is going to be a very interesting year for Full Moon Reviews.

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  1. Thanx, Wolfie! I see great things coming in the future.


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