Press Release: Agent 88 [Web Series]

Full Moon Reviews has received some information about an upcoming web series called AGENT 88. And after watching an episode in a private screening, I have to say that this is a web series you guys should definitely keep an eye on.

Here's some information on AGENT 88:

“Kay Darcy is the octogenarian Jackie Chan.”  – The LA Times

Meet the Creative Team: 

Digger T. Mesch (Ultraviolet, X-Men: Dark Tide, Gears of War)
Joseph Gatt (Game of Thrones, Banshee, Star Trek into Darkness, Thor)
Jan Upstein (Pumpkinhead, Snake Plissken Chronicles)
Kevin Eastman  (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Heavy Metal Magazine)

Agent 88 is the world’s deadliest assassin... an 88-year-old British woman on the verge of Alzheimer’s.

An eclectic cocktail of Kill Bill, 007, and Mr. Magoo, AGENT 88 is a dark, action comedy that meshes wry wit with cutting-edge martial arts action, slick visual effects and the conviction that... killing just gets better with age. She may suffer from the occasional bout of forgetfulness but this geriatric killing machine is as proficient with a bazooka as she is lucky at bingo.  

As I mentioned, I watched an episode of AGENT 88. And honestly... I thought it was very, very cool. The direction had a ton of style. The blue hue that tints the picture makes some of the other colors pop out and look vivid. It's shot on digital and looks great. The action sequences are choreographed expertly well, directed in exciting angles that exhance the fight scenes. We get some MATRIX moments, as well as a Batman TV show inspired words after someone gets hit. Watching an elderly lady beat the crap out of bad guys is just so hilarious, yet awesome at the same time.

Speaking of the elderly lady, actress Kay Darcy is just incredible in the role. She's one half Mary Poppins, one half The Bride from KILL BILL. Her British accent brings out an aura of class, politeness, and sweetness that goes against the fact that she can kick butt better than anyone half her age. With sharp hair pins, battle sticks that double for handles for her water, and a durability that I don't even have, this is one badass old lady. Darcy plays the role really well.

I honestly hope to see AGENT 88 gain more exposure, because this could be a great extremely popular web series due to its novelty and style. Definitely be on the lookout for AGENT 88.

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