Where The Hell Have I Been? [Award Nominations & Updates]

So obviously, I've been away for the past two months if you couldn't tell by the cobwebs that I had to swat away. So what was the deal? A few things:

- Was burnt out.
- Had no interest in watching films, let alone reviewing them.
- Was focused on other projects that unfortunately didn't work out as planned.
- Was tired of social networking and being on the internet period.

But now I'm back - it will be a slow return - but this blog will get more active as the weeks come. I appreciate all you guys for your patience.

While I was on hiatus, I learned that LAMB [the Large Association of Movie Blogs] nominated Full Moon Reviews for Best Horror Blog and Best VLOG [video blogging]. Not sure if I'll make it to the final nominations, especially since I didn't promote it sooner than later [voting ends this Wednesday night for LAMB voters]. But I'm honored and very appreciative that anyone would consider me and this blog "best of" anything. So thanks for that. If you're a LAMB member who hasn't voted yet, please vote for Full Moon Reviews. Would appreciate it.

LAMB Nominees

I also wanted to give a shout out to my long-time movie Vlogging friend, Ethan Dunlap. He and his friends have started a new web series called "Those Guys In The Hall". It's not exactly horror [more comedy], but it does have references to the genre. I watched the pilot episode and I quite enjoyed it. It does have some editing issues and the shot scale during certain sequences could be a lot better. Audio could be touched up in places as well. But overall, it's a good start to a web series that will probably get better as the cast and crew keeps creating content. Ethan has always supported me, so I definitely want to return the favor. You can check out updates and episodes on Ethan's YouTube channel. Also, he'll be posting these episodes at Web of Cinema, if you're interested. We have to support no-budget independent filmmaking.

Facebook Page

Ethan's YouTube channel

Web of Cinema

That's pretty much all I want to post here. A review for the remake of EVIL DEAD will be posted this weekend. I will also be doing some video stuff as well, including a film for every year I've lived, and an attempt to review every zombie movie ever made [that'll take a while]. Also, I'll be doing two major franchise reviews - one for the SUPERMAN film series leading up to MAN OF STEEL - and another for THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS movies leading up to FAST SIX. Also, Full Moon Reviews turns FIVE on the 12th, so there will be something for that milestone as well. Thanks for understanding and appreciate the continued support. Love you guys.

- Fred [The Wolf]


  1. Welcome back. I hear you about getting burned out. I should be writing a lot of reviews right now, but I'm having trouble finding the energy or enthusiasm to do so from time to time.

  2. I know exactly how you feel about being burned out. I was the same way for awhile but I've made an return and look forward to reading new entries and even going back and reading some of your older stuff that I didn't get a chance too.

  3. Welcome back, Fred! Really hope we get to see more Full Moon reviews in the next time. The announcements all sound cool, very excited for your zombie-attempt :)


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