Take A Look At: THE GROWTH

With the advent of cheaper video technology, such as phones, iPods, and digital camcorders, more people are making movies despite a limited budget. While the bad probably outweighs the good when it comes to this advancement in cheap filmmaking, sometimes you get an interesting feature out of it. In this case, it's THE GROWTH, distributed by Ghostwork Films.

Directed by Ezekiel Zabrowski and Frank Ippolito, THE GROWTH is a cool way to fill 8 minutes of your time. Starring Dean Cameron from SUMMER SCHOOL, the film deals with a date gone violently wrong that leads to some weird after effects. If this film isn't warning about the dangers of STD's, then I must be on some 'shrooms.

The film looks professional and the SFX (The Chiodo Brothers are involved here) look good in a cheesy B-movie low-budget sort of way. If you want to support indie horror, definitely check out THE GROWTH.


  1. That was great! Some awesome practical effects. Reminds me of that story from Creepshow with Stephen King as a farmer and finds a meteorite that turns him into a walking moss patch.

    Was that one of those Penn and Teller dudes on the voicemail at the beginning?

  2. Yeah, I definitely got the CREEPSHOW vibe also. If you're gonna emulate a movie, CREEPSHOW ain't a bad one to do. And yes, I believe that was Teller on the voicemail. I think he was one of the producers.


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