Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (2006)

Lloyd Kaufman

Jason Yachanin - Arbie
Kate Graham - Wendy
Allyson Sereboff - Micki
Robin Watkins - General Lee Roy
Joshua Olatunde - Denny
Rose Ghavami - Hummus
Caleb Emerson - Carl Jr.
Lloyd Kaufman - Old Arbie
Khalid Rivera - Paco Bell

Genre - Horror/Comedy/Musical

Running Time - 102 Minutes

Score - 4 Howls Outta 4

PLOT - Two lovebirds, Arbie (Jason Yachanin) and Wendy (Kate Graham), make love at the Tromahawk Indian Burial Ground, vowing to be together forever. However, their love is interrupted by awakening zombies and a masturbating gravekeeper for an entire year while the two go to college. A year passes and Arbie finds out that Wendy is now a protesting lesbian with her militant girlfriend, Micki (Allyson Sereboff). It seems a new American Chicken Bunker fast food chain has arrived in Tromaville and members of C.L.A.M. are protesting the abuse on chickens and building the restaurant over an ancient burial ground. Arbie, pissed that Wendy is now a lipstick lesbian, decides to do the opposite and work for American Chicken Bunker, becoming a cashier girl for owner Denny (Joshua Olatunde) and working with redneck bestiality obsessed Carl Jr. (Caleb Emerson), gay Mexican Paco Bell (Khalid Rivera), and the burka-wearing Humus (Rose Ghavami). Working with these weirdos and trying to win Wendy back is the least of Arbie's problems, as a bunch of bad, bubbling, veiny eggs and chickens are being served to customers. It seems the angry spirits of displaced Native Americans, as well as the souls of slaughtered chickens, have possessed the food inside American Chicken Bunker, killing those who ate their products and turning them into chicken-like zombies. What the cluck is going on?


STORY - Written by Lloyd Kaufman, POULTRYGEIST: NIGHT OF THE CHICKEN DEAD is a satiric commentary on consumerism, animal activism, and the fast food industry while using plot elements from POLTERGEIST and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD to make its point. The un-PC look at corporations, the media, racism, homosexuals, politics gives this really silly and offensive film an intelligence most people new to Troma would be surprised by. This intelligence is the reason why POULTRYGEIST is such a hilarious and well-made film because all the cliches and stereotypes work incredibly well and actually move the film forward instead of forcing laughs out of the viewers. The characters all have different personalities and they're all funny. The dialogue is funny as hell and even shocking at times hearing these actors actually saying the things they're saying. Plus you have musical interludes that probably should have hindered the film greatly but are incredibly awesome, especially the one where Arbie and Wendy sing about missing getting their salad tossed. Mix this with people turning into chicken-zombies and you have a modern horror/comedy cult classic. No complaints in this department.

DIRECTION - Lloyd Kaufman doesn't do much with style, due to the low budget, but gives his fans what they want to see - excessive gore, T & A, and over-the-top visuals. And he does not disappoint, mixing the B-movie horror antics with well-choregraphed musical numbers and a pretty funny story. The pacing is also pretty flawless. Kaufman even adds the car explosion scene at the end of the film taken from TERROR FIRMER. The film looks cheap but great at the same time.

VIOLENCE/SEX/LANGUAGE [aka THE GOOD STUFF] - You want violence? You want sexual content? You want filthy language? You're gonna be 3-for-3 with POULTRYGEIST.

We have arms through someone's ass out of his mouth and then pulling out his guts. We have heads getting pulled off of torsos. We have bodies grinded into pieces. Faces getting sliced by a meat slicer. So many other things bloody gush all over the place. It's awesome!

Sex? How about in-your-face lesbian scenes, in-your-face homosexual scenes, and in-your-face heterosexual scenes with some masturbation scenes in between for your horndog party mix? If you're not into that, what about rednecks screwing zombie chickens? Does that get you randy? Even the songs are mixed with sexual innuendos!

And you get all sorts of foul language here. From dick to fart jokes to a bunch of racial slurs, POULTRYGEIST has no shame in its immorality. And God bless this film for it!

ACTING - The acting is consisted by a bunch of hams who make these really silly characters so damn likeable. Jason Yachamin and Kate Graham as the clueless Arbie and Wendy do a fantastic job being such blockheads, as their facial expressions, dialogue, and chemistry work really well in the film's favor. Others, like butch Allyson Sereboff as Micki, Robin Watkins as the KKK-lovin' General Lee Roy, and neurotic Joshua Olatunde as Denny bring flavor to otherwise very cliched and stereotypical roles. My personal favorite had to be Khalid Rivera as Paco Bell, who's homosexual Mexican act had me rollin'. Especially when he decided to add the secret sauce. What a riot. And Rose Ghavami as Hummus prove that Arab women are really hot chicks when they take off their burkas. Whooo! Plus we have cameos from Lloyd Kaufman, Debbie Rochon, and Ron Jeremy to give POULTRYGEIST a cast that one will never forget. If these were any other actors, I don't think this film would have worked at all. But these guys are all game and enjoy being as offensive and as silly as possible. Pretty awesome.

MUSIC - The musical numbers here are awesome. We get some about fast food conglomerates. We have one between Kaufman and Yachanin about the future where they show their asses and balls. And my favorite of all had to be the one about missing getting your salad tossed that involved lesbian dancers who didn't mind being topless while rubbing each other down. Screw any musical that was released into theaters this year. POULTRYGEIST truly made me say, "MAMMA MIA!"

What more can I say? POULTRYGEIST: NIGHT OF THE CHICKEN DEAD is the best horror film and the best comedy I've seen in 2008 [it was made in 2006 but released this year]. If you want your horror and comedy to break all the rules and be as insulting and disgusting as possible, then this is your film. I think POULTRYGEIST is the best Troma film since THE TOXIC AVENGER and I don't care if people flame me for it. This is a mothercluckin' great time that people with open minds and a sense of humor should watch and enjoy.

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  1. Right on Fred!
    Glad that you enjoyed this one as much as I did!! :-)

    Excellent Review!!


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